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We are the mortgage broker who provides you one-stop free consultation service on mortgage products. We help you to save money, save time.

Our mortgage consultants are well trained and updated with up-to-date information regarding mortgage market. Their personal advice makes a real difference.

From the moment we meet up, we are your alliance till the loan is fully paid. We work for the same goal.

Understand us more - How we work?

To understand more about us. You need to learn how we do our job... and ask why use Express Home Loan Consultancy anyway? The simple answer is that Express Home Loan Consultancy will represent you and present your mortgage application to the best lender that is willing to give you the best rate and mortgage terms. A mortgage consultant of Express Home Loan Consultancy's first interest is getting you the mortgage that is in your best interests. This is an important distinction when compared to a bank loans manager who serves the best interests of his bank - and not yours.

How does it work with Express Home Loan Consultancy? Well, we work with all major lenders and search for best rates and special discounts, then we match the best terms and mortgage provisions with your own unique needs. It is the personal advice from Express Home Loan Consultancy that makes a real difference.

Imagine that you are in a room with a trusted friend who cares about you and your family and has a great knowledge about mortgages. Now, imagine others entering the room who are mortgage representatives from the entire major lending institutions in Singapore. They are there to consider your mortgage application. One by one they bid on your loan. Your friend continues to encourage them to improve their rates and terms. Those who come up with the most attractive rates then begin to explain what is special about their mortgages. After carefully considering what terms and options are important to you, and keeping in mind the best rates, your friend will help you choose the lender. The experience was friendly, quick and didn't cost you anything. Your 'friend' is your Express Home Loan Consultancy in the room who is there to ask the right questions and negotiate the best deal for you.

For all conventional residential mortgages NO fee is charged to you. This is possible because the mortgage consultant earns a service fee paid by the lender. In specialty mortgages such as commercial, private placements, equity or bridge loans, lender or consultant fees may be charged. But, if such were the case any fee would be disclosed and discussed before any work commenced. As mortgage consultants we have access to every major lending institution in Singapore. This competitive network of lenders breeds lower rates on mortgages, which means big savings for you.

Did you know that banks have personality traits - conservative or aggressive, thoughtful or impulsive, complex or simple? It is true. Having knowledge of lending traits enables us to bring the right lender to you.

Besides the 'best rates' we will have access to special lending programs from time to time that will provide further discounts beyond best-posted rates. This is because financial institutions have sale and rate specials that change frequently and advise us first. We pass these savings to you.

It is important to realize that all mortgages are not created equal. Just because the interest rate may be the same it doesn't mean it is the same mortgage document. For example, we will explore what you want in a mortgage. Short or long term, payment frequency, early payout, principal reductions and payment increases. One lender can offer different interest rates but only one product - their own.

As mortgage consultants we are not your typical 'suit and tie' that makes you feel uncomfortable while staring at you across an imposing desk. Most mortgages can be first arranged with a phone call or over a coffee. We work for you, not the banks. We will arrange your mortgage application in the most presentable manner possible to lenders. We will argue your cause and fight to get you the very best rate - which is usually better than any of the 'best-posted' rates you'll see anywhere.

September 06, 2012

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2 mths 0.35953
3 mths 0.40914
6 mths 0.62288
9 mths 0.77237
12 mths 0.87939